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Hi, I'm Zach.

I thrive when collaborating with others to craft simple digital products from ideation to launch.
From there, I'm energized by iteratively improving the experience with data-driven enhancements. 
We should work together.


Sharing with others the value of efficient and meaningful design is what I enjoy most. During the design process, I seek out issues frustrating users. It's vital to understand a day in their shoes, from interfaces to micro-interactions and everything in between. That's the only way to build multi-platform experiences that are simple and tailor-made for humans.

Impactful work energizes me because life is primarily shaped by thoughtful design. There's something exciting about connecting the dots of users' needs to shape design solutions.

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When not designing and building things, you can find me in the mountains with my dog, Massimo. We're usually skiing/fishing/hiking/camping as he tags along for the adventure. 

It's undoubtedly been a winding path to this point, but I hope to have an exciting story to tell one day, and I think I'm well on my way. I spent 6 years in the Navy and was stationed out of Hawaii on the USS Salvor. Got to explore every corner of the Pacific. I missed the snow and skiing, so I spent a few years on the east coast before ending up in Colorado.

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A few things I find helpful right now:







Out & About

I find the best way to reset after a long week in front of the computer screen is a night beneath an endless canopy of stars.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is; we love getting away to nowhere. Here's a quick sample of places Massi and I enjoy.

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