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Driven by the challenge of answering tough questions in interesting spaces, I balance human needs, business goals, and emerging technology to build digital experiences that help people enjoy simpler and more efficient lives.
I thrive when collaborating with others to craft impactful digital products from ideation to launch.
Leveraging data and research for perspective, I aim to constantly enhance and improve experiences with feedback from humans in their day-to-day reality.
To me, product design is not a plunge into the unknown - not a singular and static act - but an iterative and ongoing conversation with users to improve lives.
We should work together.


During the design process, I seek out issues that most frustrate and impede users. It's vital to understand a day in their shoes. Using this framework, I focus on shaping meaningful interactions within systems that easily work. Making everything clear, quick, and useful.

Working closely with customers is the only way to build impactful multi-platform experiences that are integrated, and tailor-made for humans living in an evolving world.

Designing helpful digital experiences inspires me because life is primarily guided by thoughtful design. There's something exciting about connecting the dots of users' needs; something deeply satisfying about revealing the solution that makes daily life easier.

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When not designing and building, you can find me amongst the mountains and under the sky with my dog, Massimo. I spend time away from the computer enjoying the outdoors: Skiing, fishing, hiking, and camping. Taking it all in as Massi tags along for adventure.

Life is not a linear function, and mine has undoubtedly been a circuitous route to this point. I'm working hard to have a rich story to tell one day. Hope to think I'm on my way.

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A few things I find helpful right now:







Out & About

I find the best way to reset after a long week in front of the computer screen is a night beneath an endless canopy of stars.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is; I love getting away to nowhere. Here's a quick sample of places Massi and I enjoy.

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